Oil Retention Pillows

oil retention pillows
oil retention pillows

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Product Description

Our pillows contain unique polymer technology that turns oil into rubber in minutes
  • Quick and efficient reactive pollution solution
  • No vacuum tankering needed
  • Reduced site downtime
  • Prevents site closures with immediate on-site response
  • 3 sizes available
  • Hydrocarbon captured and encapsulated in the smart polymer
  • Removes hydrocarbons to non-detectable levels Lightweight/compact size for safe transportation and storage
  • Disposal in the standard hazardous waste container
  • Avoid fines and prosecutions from environmental officers
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Our smart polymer pollution control pillows provide managers with an easy solution for environmental compliance and pollution control.

This gives you the ability to effectively respond on site with no third party contractor call-outs.

Polymer Pillow on Diesel Polymer Pillow on Diesel absorbedPolymer Pillow all Diesel gone

Utilising our smart polymer technology inside a pillow casing means that you can remove all hydrocarbons dispersed in water, whether they are in the emulsified or dissolved phase and the heavier collection of sedimentation which lay on the bed of the excavation, any remaining surface (sheen) oil and suspended particles (sediment) can be removed by our in-line oil/sediment dewatering filter (supplied separately).

Our pillows use our innovative smart polymer technology which converts hydrocarbon fluids into a solid rubber mass by means of bonding and encapsulation of the hydrocarbon molecules.

Once in this solid state the polymer media will not allow the hydrocarbons to leak or be compressed out of the rubber-like solid.

This ultimately prevents the toxic properties of hydrocarbons being passed into the environment.