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    Secondary Containment, Water Remediation and Pollution Prevention Solutions

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  • Streetworks Pollution Control Product Range
    Streetworks Pollution Control Product Range
    Street excavation hydrocarbon and sediment dewatering/pumping in-line filters and underground drainage protectors for the construction industry
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  • EnviroElite Oil & Sediment Filter
    EnviroElite Oil & Sediment Filter

    Oil and Sediment in-line filters have been developed to offer a premium product performance for cost effective site hydrocarbon/sediment dewatering and discharge to EA acceptable levels.


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  • EnviroExcel Sediment Filter
    EnviroExcel Sediment Filter

    Sediment in-line multi-use filters deliver high performance from quick and effective on-site solutions at a low cost site sediment dewatering and discharge to EA acceptable levels.


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  • EnviroValu Sediment Filter
    EnviroValu Sediment Filter

    Sediment in-line filters are economical and ideal for low utilisation sediment dewatering processes.



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  • EnviroPad Fuel Spill/Drip Pads
    EnviroPad Fuel Spill/Drip Pads

    The ultimate answer to prevent hydrocarbon pollution while refuelling equipment. Our smart polymer technology fully encapsulates all types of hydrocarbons completely eliminating the risk of further pollution when handling waste fluid in drip trays.


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  • EnviroDewa Oil/Sediment Dewatering Kits
    On-site excavations, inspection chambers, bilges & containment tanks.
    EnviroDewa Oil/Sediment Dewatering Kits

    The kits offer a swift cost-effective answer for heavier oil contamination. A proven solution for the removal of hydrocarbons & sediment from varying applications. 


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  • Electrical Equipment Secondary Containment
    Electrical Equipment Secondary Containment
    Our secondary containment solutions are cost-effective and demonstrate significant savings to comparable concrete systems. Overall project completion times and costs can be dramatically reduced. 


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  • Steel Containment Systems
    Steel Containment Systems

    Fabricated galvanised steel containment systems with hydrocarbon and sediment filters designed to accommodate liquid transformers ≤132kV located in Environmental Sensitive Areas.



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  • Composite Containment Systems
    Composite Containment Systems

    Composite containment is lightweight, sturdy, fire resistant and non-conductive making them suitable for retrofit installation at ‘LIVE’ sites.


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  • Temporary Containment Systems
    Temporary Containment Systems

    Temporary containment systems for short to mid-term storage of new or de-commissioned oil filled electrical equipment.


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  • Electrical Pole Storage Containment & Remedial Systems
    Electrical Pole Storage Containment & Remedial Systems

    Distribution pole storage containment & creosote polluted water remediation are custom designed & installed to suit the individual needs of each site. 



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  • SFT WRC-C1 Water Remedial Process System
    Constructed to Class 1 full retention oil water interceptor PPG3 guidelines
    SFT WRC-C1 Water Remedial Process System

    An independent underground unit linked to a containment area, water is subjected to a filtration process to remove polluting compounds such as hydrocarbons in creosote, phenols, cresols & sediment matter.


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  • SFT HRF-150 Non-Detect Hydrocarbon Filter
    SFT HRF-150 Non-Detect Hydrocarbon Filter
    HRF-150 cylindrical filters remove hydrocarbons from polluted water collected inside larger transformer containment systems & completely shut off fluid flow in the event of catastrophic equipment failure.
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Utility Pollution Prevention Solutions

Our Passion
Water resources and the environment are becoming ever more precious and have led to increased pressure for responsible maintenance and protection of storm groundwater and the environment.
At Capture Green, we are passionate about the preservation and protection of the planet while fully embracing balance with the continuously changing landscape of global industrial and technology progression.
What we do
Capture Green are an experienced and high quality provider to utility (electricity, gas and water) operator requirements for secondary containment around electrical oil filled equipment, storm/groundwater remediation systems, and streetwork excavation dewatering of hydrocarbons, sediment and other pollutants for discharge within the UKs Environment Agency PPG-3 guidelines.
Our products and system solutions deliver innovation scope and significantly reduces project and/or operational expenditures to deliver the necessary equilibrium of pollution prevention and protection, versus normal business operational costs. The benefits delivered from our solutions can assist in continuity and reliability of supply which is an important element of RIIO-ED1, and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional comparable methodology or solution.



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