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Product Description

Our EnviroPad® contains unique polymer technology that turns oil into rubber with no leakage

  • Best oil retention rates on the market, up to 40 litres
  • Unrivalled cost per litre compared to the marketplace
  • Usage instructions printed on the EnviroPad® Clean, safe, reliable pollution prevention
  • 5 different sizes available
  • Avoid fines and prosecutions from environmental regulators
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For plant, tools or equipment requiring refueling and have the potential to spill or leak hydrocarbons.

Enviropad® is a cost-effective solution for tool and plant spill or leakage. Hydrocarbon is captured and encapsulated in our smart polymer*, preventing hydrocarbons from leaving the spill/drip pad area. The pad allows unpolluted water to freely drain away from the pad.

Enviropad® eliminates the necessity of a drip tray and the potential to further spill. Our pads remove the risk of moving/ transporting oil and water polluted trays and their lightweight, compact size means they’re easy to transport and store. Used pads can be disposed of in a standard hazardous waste container.

Green Rhino CG1 Polymer is a blend of polymers that is specifically blended to capture and retain hydrocarbons such as oil, diesel, petrol, hydraulic fluid, transformer liquid and more. The polymers are capable of completely solidifying the hydrocarbon until it becomes a solid mass that will not leak – this offers an incredibly effective method for managing and removing unwanted waste oils from the environment. The white granular powder works by having a physical attraction with hydrocarbons. On contact with the hydrocarbon the viscosity increases creating a solid rubber like substance that will not leak, even under pressure.  Once the polymers are activated by contact with hydrocarbon, the oil is locked in permanently and cannot be released.  The polymers are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and have no special COSHH requirements. They are used in a variety of our filtration solutions to create very simple but effective techniques for preventing unwanted hydrocarbons entering the environment.

The EnviroPad is listed on the Considerate Constructors Scheme BEST PRACTICE HUB :https://ccsbestpractice.org.uk/entries/enviropad/


Product Codes Product Product Size Absorbency / Capacity
GRR 52 02 01 EPAD EnviroPad – S4 (Small) 61cm x 46cm Up to 4.5 L. Oil
GRR 52 02 10 EPAD EnviroPad – M10 (Medium) 90cm x 69cm Up to 10.5 L.Oil
GRR 52 02 20 EPAD EnviroPad – L20 (Large) 137cm x 91cm Up to 20.2 L.Oil
GRR 52 02 22 EPAD EnviroPad – L30 (Large) 137cm x 137cm Up to 30.4 L. Oil
GRR 52 01 05 EPAD EnviroPad – L40 (Large) 218cm x 137cm Up to 44.3 L.Oil