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A growing range of smart, cost-effective, market-leading products built to a very high standard of quality.

Capture Green is currently developing numerous other products to add to the Green Rhino range. We regularly develop new products based on our clients needs and requests, If you have any requirements please contact us.

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Product Range


Green Rhino EVAC Portable Dewatering Filtration System

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Green Rhino Bio Remediation Granules – Enviro-H700

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High Res EnviroPad

Green Rhino EnviroPad Fuel Spill/Drip Retention Pads

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Green Rhino EnviroElite Oil and Sediment In-line Filter

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Green Rhino EnviroExcel Sediment In-line Filter

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Green Rhino EnviroValu Sediment In-line Filter

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Green Rhino EnviroDewa Dewatering Kits

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Hydrocarbon Detection Strips

Green Rhino Hydrocarbon Detection Strips

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Quick Deployment Boom

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Sheen Boom

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