Steel Bund – Power & Transmission Transformers

secondary containment systems
secondary containment systems

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Product Description

Preventing pollution on your site
  • Quick installation (within one working day)
  • Alternative to reinforced concrete solution
  • Significantly reduced installation time
  • Available in a variety of sizes or as a bespoke solution
  • High quality galvanized carbon steel bund & filter valve attachment
  • Oil & water leak-tight containment system
  • Steel bunds for larger power or transmission grid transformers
  • Containment Fire Suppression System Option
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Green Rhino steel secondary containment systems offer operators of oil filled transformers an extremely cost effective and practical solution in providing oil containment for larger power or transmission grid transformers.

Traditional concrete based containment systems are expensive and require lengthy on-site construction times, whereas our steel containment bunds can be installed exceptionally quickly – often within one day.

The containment retention integrity is fully tested using a NDT liquid penetrant of magnetic particle inspection, self-certified with a PCN Level 2 certificate prior to leaving our factory.

Utilising resistance seam welding joints to BS EN ISO 5817: 2014, Quality Level B which fuses the sheet metal surfaces together at the highest possible quality level to produce a continuous leak-tight seam.

Individual containment design size and shape is dependent on the type of transformer I.E. number and position of the cooling radiators, cable approach (above or below ground) and connection point; the Green Rhino secondary containment system delivers complete flexibility which embraces all the necessary design challenges and provides a fully engineered manufactured solution delivered to site in a short period.

The SSC-PTX system requires a suitably reinforced concrete flat base and comes with an earthing/grounding flexible copper braid connection to ensure optimum electrical conductivity.

Acoustic noise and vibration pollution dampers are utilised where necessary to enable the installation to be as non-intrusive as possible to the local community.