Water Remediation Chamber

water remediation chamber
water remediation chamber

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Product Description

Preventing pollution from exiting your site
  • Mitigates the need for vacuum tankering
  • Processes surface water, whilst removing contaminants
  • Reduces hydrocarbon pollution to non-detect levels
  • No electricity required
  • Quick installation for immediate use
  • Specifically developed to filter out creosote and hydrocarbons
  • Built to Class 1 full retention oil water separator PPG3 guidelines
  • Flow rates up to 300l/min or prescribed per application
  • Smart polymer media filters used to target and remove contaminates
  • Hydrocarbon retention 35 litres
  • Available in two sizes
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The Green Rhino Water Remediation Chamber is for processing surface water.

The system can be installed at sites that potentially pose the risk of discharging hydrocarbon contaminated water into the environment, such as hydrocarbons from depots, utility bunds or creosote from utility poles and sleeper storage facilities.

The system utilises a number of proprietary filters for removing polluting compounds found in EU specification creosote, these contaminates include hydrocarbons, phenols and cresols.

The chamber allows surface water to be processed at up to 300 litres per minute and retains 35 litre of hydrocarbon while removing contaminates to acceptable Environmental Agency levels prior to discharge.

The system can be used to replace or to complement oil water separation systems where it is essential to prevent pollutants from entering the environment.

The system is a sealed unit that can be used in high risk flood areas and can be either installed at new or retrofitted to existing sites.

The system uses integral hydrocarbon and sediment filter which discharge water to ≤0.1 ppm oil concentration.

Available in two standard sizes depending on your site specification and requirements.