Sediment Filter XL

sediment filter
sediment filter

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Product Description

Our larger dewatering filter for higher volumes of sediment
  • Re-use up to 20 times
  • No vacuum tankering fees and reduced site downtime
  • Easy to use and quick to attach
  • Water discharged to Environment Agency accepted levels - sediment particles down to 150µm
  • Filter bag holds 40kg of sediment for single person safe handling
  • Hydrocarbon presence integral detector
  • Lightweight and highly visible colour to avoid Health and Safety incidents
  • 4 lifting straps for safe and easy two person handling
  • Simple emptying and sediment wash-out
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For Large Excavations Or Pools

Our XL dewatering sediment filter will help you manage and resolve dewatering challenges, avoiding expensive clean-up costs of vacuum tanker and jetting vehicles or fines from the Environment Agency.

Constructed from a layered filter system of nylon monofilament for capturing sediment particles down to 150µm and a PVC nylon outer sleeve tested for tensile strength and durability to deliver a multi-use filter fit for purpose.

Our filter can be reused up to 20 times depending on the type of geology.

The filter is made from high quality materials sourced from responsible suppliers, all being non-hazardous and not classified.