Oil Solidifying Retention Booms

retention boom
retention boom

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Product Description

Boom turns oil spills into rubber with no leakage
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Lowest risk on the market due to high performance
  • Great reactive solution for oil spills in waters
  • Turns oil into rubber with no leakage / leaching
  • Creates a rubber barrier around the spill
  • Prevent costly fines
  • Reusable until the loose polymers inside become solid
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Our Marine Boom can be used to contain hydrocarbon spills in waters with currents, as well as calm waters such as harbours, streams, rivers, and tidal areas.

A longer term solution for spill retention.

Hydrocarbon is captured and encapsulated in our smart polymer contained within the boom and turned into rubber.

The Marine Boom is ideal for use near construction sites or in marinas where there are fuel docks and where currents or tides are present.

The Marine Boom can be placed in scuppers to prevent hydrocarbon run-off from surface water from commercial vehicles or vessels.

This device can also be used on land applications to prevent hydrocarbons from entering storm drains.

The outer skin is made of spun-bond mesh and filled with our polymer granules.


A mobile version of our Marine Boom, this solution is designed to be part of an operatives kit and to be used as a reactive solution to smaller oil spills in water.

A quick and effective way to contain a spill in the shorter term.

This product is listed on the Considerate Constructors Scheme BEST PRACTICE HUB :