Hydrocarbon Removal Filter


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Product Description

Preventing pollution on your site
  • Water remedial cartridge with smart polymer technology
  • High flow performance
  • Hydrocarbons captured and encapsulated in the smart polymer media
  • Integral sediment capture to 150┬Ám Retains 16 litres of hydrocarbons
  • Prevents hydrocarbons/sediment from leaving the containment area
  • Flow rate 80 litre / minute
  • Automatic system shut down at oil saturation point
  • Easy clean out and low maintenance
  • Highly effective alternative to oil discriminating pumps and oil water separators
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Our Hydrocarbon Removal filters are designed to remove hydrocarbons and sediment contaminants from groundwater accumulation in bunded areas, outfalls or as part of any pollution preventative drainage solution on your site, where hydrocarbon risk entering the environment.

A variety of hydrocarbons can be captured, including dielectric fluids, oil, diesel and used motor oils. The contaminants are absorbed by the smart filtration technology which bond with the hydrocarbon molecules to efficiently encapsulate and solidify hydrocarbons internally in the cartridge. This allows filtered groundwater to pass unimpeded through the filter.

The discharged water conforms to the EA PPG3 guidelines for discharge to surface drains and water environment, achieving a discharge concentration of <5mg/litre of oil under standard test conditions. When the filters start to reach their hydrocarbon absorption capacity the flow of groundwater will become increasingly restricted until the cartridge automatically shuts down. This prevents any polluted groundwater from leaving the containment area or entering the filter ensuring that no contaminates are introduced in to the environment, even if a catastrophic breach occurs.

The hydrocarbons and sediment filters are conveniently enclosed within one filtration body eliminating the need for two individual filters (hydrocarbon and sediment) to be connected in series.

GRR 03 10 00 HRF HRF Type 3 c/w 4″ Camlock Fitting 59.3cm x 28.4cm 80 LPM 14 L. Oil
GRR 03 10 01 HRF HRF Type 3 c/w 4″ Thread Fitting 59.3cm x 28.4cm 80 LPM 14 L.Oil
GRR 03 51 00 FITK Type 1 Fitting Kit – ABS, 1.5″ – 1.5″ Male Thread Fitting 25.9cm x 16.2cm
GRR 03 51 01 FITK Type 1 Fitting Kit – ABS, 1.5″ – 2″ Threaded Bush 26.1cm x 19.1cm
GRR 03 51 02 FITK Type 1 Fitting Kit – ABS, 1.5″ – 1.5″ Male Thread Fitting XL 25.9cm x 66.2cm
GRR 03 51 50 FITK Type 1 Fitting Kit – S/S, 1.5″ – 1.5″ Male Thread Hex Nipple 22.7cm x 13.5cm
GRR 03 52 00 FITK Type 2 Fitting Kit – ABS, 2″ – 2″ Male Thread Fitting 28.6cm x 17.5cm
GRR 03 52 01 FITK Type 2 Fitting Kit – ABS, 2″ – 2″ Male Thread Fitting XL 28.9cm x 67.3cm
GRR 03 52 50 FITK Type 2 Fitting Kit – S/S, 2″ – 2″ Male Thread Hex Nipple 26.5cm x 15.1cm
GRR 03 99 03 BRKT Mount Bracket 3″ – Plastic 7.2cm x 11.5cm
GRR 03 99 04 BRKT Mount Bracket 4″ – Plastic 8.1cm x 13.9cm