Hydrocarbon Detection Strips

hydrocarbon detection strips
hydrocarbon detection strips

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Product Description

Quick and easy detection of hydrocarbons
  • 100 per pack
  • Quick and easy to use by operatives
  • Results in seconds
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Green Rhino® Hydrocarbon Detection Strips give an immediate visual indication of oil presence in water.

These handy paper based strips allow managers with responsibility for environmental compliance and pollution control to quickly and accurately test excavations or standing water pools for the presence of any hydrocarbons.

The hydrocarbon detection paper strips are supplied with a light blue hue colour which will convert to a darker blue when immersed in water and where hydrocarbons are present, if the detection strip is applied to clean and pure water the blue colour hue will not change and the paper will remain un-moistened.

The detection strip sensitivity is reliant on the solubility of the hydrocarbon present in the water.

It is recommended that the user manipulates the detection strip back and forth a small number of times at the surface to facilitate the above referenced results.