Budget Sediment Filter

budget sediment filter
budget sediment filter

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Product Description

Our entry-level dewatering filter
  • Economical and ideal for lower usage rates
  • No vacuum tankering fees and reduced site downtime
  • Easy to use and quick to attach Water discharged to Environment Agency accepted levels - sediment particles down to 100µm
  • Filter bag holds 20kg of sediment for single person safe handling Hydrocarbon presence integral detector
  • Lightweight and highly visible colour to avoid Health and Safety incidents
  • Lifting straps for safe and easy handling Simple emptying and disposal
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For General Excavations

Our budget sediment filter offers an economical solution for dewatering and is ideal for lower usage rates.

Our budget in-line dewatering filter demonstrates great value when looking at the cost versus performance benefit rate, at significantly less than £0.01/min filtering cost for compliant water discharge.

The budget dewatering filter is made from high quality materials sourced from responsible suppliers, all being non-hazardous and not classified.