EnviroHorn Drain Filters

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Photo 28-09-2016, 12 58 44 (1)

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Product Description

A great solution to prevent drain blockages and pollution from exiting your site
  • Quick and efficient pollution solution
  • Reduced site downtime
  • Filter horn retains 19 or 21kg of sediment for safe manual handling
  • Removes sediment particles down to 100µm oil/sediment version retains 1 litre of hydrocarbon sheen
  • Economical and ideal for low utilisation sediment only applications
  • Quick set-up and straightforward to use lightweight and highly visible (orange and yellow) base panel simple emptying and disposal
  • Eliminate time consuming and cost of regular drain unblocking


The EnviroHorn Drain filter is a simple but effective solution for mitigating the risk of pollution from oil and/or sediment during operations.  The filters which are available in Sediment only and oil and sediment configurations are inserted into the drain, cut down to the appropriate size and can be left in-situ to collect contaminants.

This product offers a great solution for preventing drain blockages, the filters can be removed and washed through for reuse as necessary.

Product Codes Product Product Size Flow Rate Data Absorbency / Capacity
GRR 10 00 01 EHRN EnviroHorn Oil and Sediment Filter 25cm Dia, 40cm Depth 130 LPM 1 L. Oil, 19kg Sed
GRR 10 01 01 EHRN EnviroHorn Sediment Filter 25cm Dia, 40cm Depth 140 LPM 21kg Sediment