Bund Overpump Inline Filtration System

inline filtration system
inline filtration system

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Product Description

Preventing pollution on your site
  • Effective alternative to oil discriminating pumps and interceptors
  • Reduces hydrocarbon pollution to non-detect levels
  • No mechanical part or main electricity required
  • Non-intrusive design, can be used above or below ground
  • Quick installation for immediate use with minimal site disruption
  • Specifically developed to filter out Hydrocarbons
  • Built to Class 1 full retention oil water separator PPG3 guidelines
  • Flow rates up to 300l/min
  • Smart polymer media filters used to target and remove contaminates
  • Hydrocarbon retention 35 litres
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For quick and simple pollution prevention around new or existing secondary containment systems.

The Green Rhino Bund Overpump Inline Filtration system is for processing surface water.

The system can be installed at sites that potentially pose the risk of discharging hydrocarbon contaminated water into the environment, such as hydrocarbons from bunds and other secondary containment units.

The standalone unit can be easily fitted to existing bunds and can either be placed above ground within or outside the bund system.

Two options are available for either working in collaboration with existing oil discriminating pump, or a gravity fed below ground configuration that is fitted to the main point of site drainage.

The filtration system allows surface water to be processed at up to 80 litres per minute and retains 14 litres of hydrocarbon before automatically shutting off.

This Inline filtration system uses an integral hydrocarbon and sediment filter which discharge water to ≤0.1 ppm oil concentration.