Our Mobile Solutions Solutions

Unrivalled Pollution Prevention that turns the spill into Rubber!


Designed for high frequency activities where there is a risk of pollution events from day-to-day activities.
The Green Rhino® range of mobile filtration solutions is designed to offer a dynamic approach to pollution control. Used by major contractors and utilities companies around the UK, the products are proven to deliver cost savings and ensure the on-going flow of work whilst reducing overall site down time.
The range includes some of the most highly innovative technologies available on the market that are proven to outperform traditional alternative solutions. As per the brand name sake, the Green Rhino® range is made to be rugged whilst meeting your important regulatory and corporate responsibilities, allowing you to focus on your core operational objectives.

Our Mobile Solutions Products

EnviroPad – Drip and Spill Retention

Sediment Dewatering Filter

Sediment Filter XL

Budget Sediment Filter

Oil and Sediment Dewatering Filter

Low Gauge Oil and Sediment Dewatering System

Multi Filter Manifold System

Quick Response Oil and Sediment Dewatering Pack

Oil Retention Pillows

EnviroHorn Drain Filters

EnviroBucket Manual filtration Bailer

Oil Solidifying Retention Booms

Hydrocarbon Detection Strips