Our Asset Resilience Solutions

Prevent pollution with a simple, green and proven polymer technology installed in thousands of sites worldwide. Allows surface water to drain freely whilst preventing 100% of the hydrocarbon from contaminating the environment.

Designed for processing contaminated surface water from bunds, tanks and drainage outfalls.


The Green Rhino® range of Asset Resilience products is designed to remove hydrocarbons from contaminated water.

These highly innovative products are simple to install and offer a reliable, low cost solution for the removal of contaminated water from site.

These systems can be utilised in place of oil discriminating pumps, interceptors, vacuum tankers and more. Our filtration media allows us to offer very simple but effective solutions that require no mains electricity feed or mechanical parts.

Whether is a fuel storage depot, oil filled assets or simply for drainage for high volumes of water on site, our range of industrial filters makes for an easy low maintenance solution that can deliver significant time and cost inefficiencies to your business operation.

Our product rnage is below.  We also offer bespoke solutions

Hydrocarbon Removal Cartridge

Hydrocarbon Removal Filter

Water Remediation System

Bund Overpump Inline Filtration System

Steel Bund – Power & Transmission Transformers

Steel Bund – Distribution Transformers & Specials