Bespoke Solutions

One of our major strengths has been our ability to adjust our offering to fit the needs of the client rather than “shoe-horn” a solution that doesn’t necessarily fit.


Many of the products that you can see on this website evolved as a result of working directly with our clients to help find simple but effective solutions to numerous pollutions challenges.

Our secondary containment products were born from an industry realisation that concrete bunding is not necessarily the answer. They have now been used in thousands of installations worldwide.

Our Oil and Sediment Filters evolved out of the specific need of a major utility which asked for a mobile filtration device, which it could issue to its mobile operatives. This is now a standard product for most of the major utilities contractors and has sold in thousands of units in the UK and abroad.

We have many examples of how we develop original products to meet specific needs, talk to us and we’ll help you solve the problem.

Our products are built in house by us at our facility in Suffolk.This gives Capture Green an incredible flexibility and versatility in its approach and delivery of new and innovative products.

If you want us to look at building you a pollution prevention solution to meet your specific pollution challenge please contact us on 01206 299388 or email